Learning Through Play

Our Play Adventure

Structure and routine are very important for the little ones at this age, providing security and boundaries for their day. What is even more important though is play, social engagement and the holistic development of their being.

Play provides the basis for their future learning, stimulates all levels of cognitive, social, physical and skills-based development, is emotionally regulating, and instils soft skills such as empathy, kindness, cooperation and teamwork.

Allowing them the freedom to learn through play and providing an environment that ignites their love of play; that is nurturing, gentle, encouraging and allows room for independence, will support them on their way to becoming kind, brave, well-regulated, strong, thoughtful, curious, independent and creative kids.

At the heart of everything we do at Little Oaks is creative, playful, imaginative, and assisting them to navigate this critical stage of development – being there for them as an emotional support system, play buddy and their biggest cheerleader. This really is a play adventure, and every day together is magical.


Little Oaks follows a year-long, play-centric curriculum, working around umbrella themes that allow for the extension of activities focused on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, creative and sensory play, imaginative play and skills development. We use these themes as a jumping off point to organise our ideas, but don’t rely on them to teach. We aim to remain flexible to the children’s interests and curiosity, and therefore accommodate as much as we can, a child-led approach to the curriculum allowing for the flexibility to deviate from the guidelines of the curriculum to follow their curiosity. 


Toddlers are unique individuals, that move at different paces, following the beat of their own drums. The traditional idea of assessments can be one-dimensional and induce stress in parents by holding them accountable to checklists. We are aware that there are certain things that need to be achieved, or accessed, before we start worrying they are being left behind – but on the whole this journey for them is about memories, getting dirty, having fun, making friends, pushing the limits, learning about boundaries, developing social skills, kindness and cultivating their independence, self-worth, confidence and individuality.

We believe in getting to know the whole child, getting to the roots of who they are, why they respond the way they do and how we can assist them in their journey. We therefore have an open-door policy, we are a team, and we do this together, we share updates, milestones, achievements, bad days and good days regularly. I share images and videos on WhatsApp, so you have an idea of what they are getting up to and every few months, a more structured update on their general well-being, activities, and holistic development will be shared.